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Tuesday-Sunday. 12.00-14.30 & 18.00-22.30


428 Finchley Rd. London NW2 2HY

Eat. Mangiare.


Garlic Bread£1.50
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella£2.50
toasted bread, topped with tomatoes olive oil and oreganoAvocado Vinaigrette£3.50
Avocado Prawns£5.50
Pate' Maison£5.00
Insalata alla Greca£8.00
feta cheese, olives and tomato on mixed lettuce leavesInsalata Tricolore£8.00
mozzarella di bufala, tomato and avocadoGiacomo's Salad£8.00
mixed salad with avocado, prawns and walnutsProsciutto e Melone£8.00
parma ham with melonAntipasto Italiana£8.00
selection of salami and pickled vegetablesBresola£8.50
cured fillet of beef in olive oil and lemon juiceCozze Marinara£8.00
mussels in cream onion and white wine sauceCozze alla Provenzale£8.00
mussels in tomato and garlic sauceEscargot 1/2doz£6.00
Mixed Salad£4.00


vegetable soupStraciatella£5.00
egg soupTomato Soup£5.00
Pasta e Fiagioli£5.00
beans, pasta, tomato and cream


StarterMainSpaghetti Napoletana£6.00£7.50
tomato sauceSpaghetti Bolognese£7.00£8.50
Spaghetti Vongole£8.00£9.50
with clams, garlic and tomato sauceSpaghetti allo Scoglio£9.00£10.50
seafood, garlic and tomato sauceSpaghetti aglio Olio£6.00£7.50
with garlic olive oil and chilliPenne Amatriciana£7.00£8.50
with smoked bacon and spicey tomato saucePenne Arrabiata£6.00£7.50
with garlic and spicy tomato saucePenne Puttanesca£7.00£8.50
with olives, anchovies and a spicy tomato saucePaglia a Fieno£7.00£8.50
green and white pasta with bacon, cream and tomato sauceTagliatelle Verdi ai Funghi£7.00£8.50
green noodles with mushroom, tomato and cream sauceTagliatelle al Salmone£8.00£9.50
egg noodles with smoked salmon and cream sauceRavioli Crema e Noci£8.00£9.50
home made pasta with cream and walnuts sauceRavioli Burro e Salvia£8.00£9.50
home made pasta with butter and sage sauceRavioli Gorgonzola£8.00£9.50
home made pastaRisotto Primavera£7.00£8.50
with spring vegetablesRisotto Giacomo£9.00£10.50
with seafood, mushrooms and green peasRisotto ai Funghi£7.00£8.50
with mushrooms


Piccatine al Limone£12.50
escalopes in lemon and butter saucePiccatine alla Crema£12.50
escalopes in cream and mushroom sauceScaloppina Milanese£12.50
panfried breadcrumbed escalopeScaloppina Holstein£15.00


Scottish Ribeye Steak 220g£15.00
grilledScottish Ribeye Steak 220g£17.00
black pepper brandy and cream sauce


Side order of rice£2.50
Side order of pasta£4.50
tomato; garlic and oil; butter or cream sauceMushrooms£3.50
olive oil and garlicCauliflower£3.00
cheese sauceBroccoli£2.00
Green Peas£2.00
French Beans£2.00
Roasted Vegetables£3.50
Mixed Salad£4.00


Pizza Giacomo£8.50
topped with tomato, mozarella, mushrooms salami and parma hamPizza Fiorentina£8.50
topped with tomato, mozzarella, spinach and eggPizza Vegetariana£8.50
topped with tomato, mozzarella and grilled vegatablesPizza Pepperoni£8.50
topped with tomato, mozzarella and salamiPizza Napoletana£8.50
topped with tomato, mozzarella, olives and anchoviesPizza Margheritta£7.50
topped with tomato and mozzarella


Grilled Sea Bass£14.50
Lemon Sole£14.50
served in lemon sauceLemon Sole Schnitzel£14.50
Seared Tuna Steak£12.50


Pollo al Limone£9.50
breast of chicken in lemon and butter saucePollo alla Crema£9.50
breast of chicken in cream and mushroom saucePollo Principessa£12.50
breadcrumbed breast of chicken, topped with peppers and asparagus tipsPollo Valdostana£12.50
breadcrumbed breast of chicken, topped with mozzarella and tomato sauce


Torta di Mele£4.00
hot apple pie served with ice creamBanana Royal£4.50
banana with fruits, ice cream and creamPesca Melba£4.00
vanila ice cream, peach, cream and melba sauceCassata Siciliana£4.00
slice of mixed ice cream with fruit candiesGelati Misti£3.00
mixed ice creamMarron glace'£4.00
chestnuts with vanila ice cream and creamProfiteroles£4.00
Tirami Su'£4.50
home made specialityZabaione£4.50
beaten egg yolks cooked in marsala wineArance al Grand Marnier£4.00
sliced orange in Grand Marnier sauceCappucino£2.00
Caffe Latte£2.00
Liqueur Coffee£4.00
vanilla ice cream with a shot of expresso coffeeCantuccini£4.00
Home made 250g
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